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We have recently updated our high quality course - “Your Etsy Profit Machine!


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This course particularly resonates with disgruntled ebay sellers who have seen their sales fall off a cliff so now you have the opportunity to make BIG COMMISSIONS while the price remains frozen for our re-launch.

This quality course shows people how to earn and grow consistent profits on Etsy - We have designed this course to be in depth, yet easy to follow so that both complete newbies and experienced Etsy sellers can benefit. This course is particularly attractive to ebay sellers whose sales are suffering as a result of ebay's ongoing policy of discriminating against small sellers in favour of the big retailers.


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PLUS, in the future, we will be creating additional products each paying 50% commission that we will notify you of as they come out.



(As Well As Get Lots Of Promotional Marketing Materials)

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Our marketing strategy works because we build strong relationships with buyers by delivering additional free advice, hints, tips and updates over several weeks. This virtually eliminates refunds as this approach delivers far more value, reassurance and support for the customer.


As a result the total potential commissions per prospect is much higher than with other products in this price range which means HIGHER earnings for YOU!



This product is a step by step in depth yet easy to follow course (with bonuses) that shows people how they can start and grow a profitable ETSY business that they can be proud of. Everything is covered from how to find a profitable niche to how to create desirable products. The course also covers how to set up professional looking ETSY stores, how to create an attractive store theme or brands, how to successfully promote any Etsy store or listing, how to get multiple and repeat sales, how to maintain positive feedback, how to fix negative feedback, and how to fulfill orders efficiently, and much more.

The sales page has been professionally written for maximum conversions -
You can see the sales page here.



How and when do I get paid?


All new affiliates will be paid direct to their PayPal account 30 days after the sale to allow for any possible refund requests.


Established affiliates with a JVZoo sales track record will receive instant commissions on all sales directly to their PayPal accounts.


Either way, it's money in the bank for YOU.


How do I promote?


Just follow the instructions below and earn CASH for every buyer you introduce!


If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me at: or Skype: stuart_turnbull




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(As Well As Get Lots Of Promotional Marketing Materials)

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